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For 25 years, Robert has been actively researching life in the American colonies – particularly blacksmiths, locksmiths and gunstockers, and the roles these men and boys played in expansion throughout a new country.  How these trades worked within Moravian communities in Pennsylvania and North Carolina has been a recent focus.  New firearms and arms repair were initially limited to their Native and European Brethren and potential converts in support of their mission efforts.  Some years later, the gunshop was opened to “Strangers” – customers from outside the closed communities.  A “Strangers Store” was established where the public could buy, sell and trade.


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Records in old German script taken down by the gunstockers themselves give us a glimpse of their work.




Mr. Lienemann has written articles for Muzzle Blasts, Muzzleloader, the Kentucky Rifle Association Bulletin and others.


His first book was published by the Kentucky Rifle Foundation in 2010.

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Pursuing the locksmith and gunstocking trades using tools, techniques and music of the period adds to understanding and appreciation of these individuals, which in turn adds value to research and writing.


Firearms of the period


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Custom lock after German horse pistol, on rifle of style possibly made by A. Albrecht at Lititz, PA ca 1775


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Careful copy of early Bucks County rifle with custom lock and mounts, and brass wire ribbon inlaid in lieu of carving after Christian Oerter, Christian’s Spring, PA ca 1774


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Trade rifle for the mountains and plains - variations supplied by many Lancaster makers ca 1820 - 1850


Related work


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Coffee Mill by Andreas Albrecht 1772 ....... Coffee Mill with grained finish and curly maple sliding lid 2001



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